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Roody:2d 0.3.1 alpha

A "low level" automation game created by redinator2000. Previously called "constrete".

Basic crafting is tedious, but automating basic tasks is challenging. I recommend reading this entire Details Page.

Do not redistribute.


Navigate to the "Options" menu and scroll down to see the rest of the controls.

You need a keyboard and a 2-3 button mouse to play this game.

The main menu can be navigated with the mouse or the arrow keys and [Enter].

[Escape] Go to a "higher level" screen, either the main start menu, main pause menu, or main game. [Escape] toggles between the pause menu and the pause game.

[F10] Reload resources

When in build mode, the scroll wheel scrolls the hot bar. When in weld mode (default: [shift]), the scroll wheel zooms the camera.


<place> and <remove> change behavior with the <mode ...> buttons

<reduce> can delete your entire hand if the stack count reaches 0

Help my settings are all messed up!

Delete config.config




The world in Roody:2d is made of blocks. There are no items, only blocks.

Many blocks have unique abilities and uses. Double-tap <scan>(default: [X]) over a block to read a short description, or simply browse the guide book (default:[G]) and see how to make different blocks.


The player can hold stacks of identical blocks in 3 ways: the backpack, the hotbar, and the hand.

The player can hold stacks of identical block structures (multiple blocks welded together) in 2 ways: the backpack and the hand.

The hand can move items between the world, the backpack, and the hotbar. If the hand is only holding a stack of single blocks, it will likely dump them into the hotbar.


If a block or a block structure is smaller than 20x20, you can pick it up instantly with <remove>(default: [mouse right]) and place it with <place>(default: [mouse left]).

To connect blocks, go into welding mode by either holding <mode hold>(default: [Shift]) or toggling <mode toggle>(default: [C]). Hold <place>(default: [mouse left]) with your mouse over a block seam in the welding radius of the player.

To disconnect blocks, go into welding mode, then hold <remove>(default: [mouse right]) with your mouse over two connected blocks in the welding radius of the player.


Construct the arrangement seen in the guidebook(default: [G]).

Most recipes consist of the material, the machine block that acts on the material, and a block activating the machine block (often an {inductor} or activated {toggler} welded to the machine block).

The {combiner} is the most complex machine block, taking in a structure of multiple blocks welded together in a particular arrangement, and turning them into 1 or more of the product.


Some blocks can hold other blocks. Use <place> and <remove> to interact with them, and <scan> to see what they hold.

The {collector} and {extruder} can automatically put other blocks into and out of other containers, especially the {crate}, the main storage solution in the game.

Machine blocks such as the {extractor} and {combiner} are also containers, holding the products of their process.


Wires connect to each other and other blocks by being welded to each other.

General Strategies


  • Dig deep by removing all the welds from a block, then picking it up.
  • Find ore veins.
  • Hold <remove> on the center of the ore vein to collect ore.
  • Hold <remove> on the side of an ore vein when it is disconnected from the environment to pick it up.
  • Use an arc smelter to turn the ore into metal bars.
  • When the ore vein is depleted, it will become a core vein, the rare raw material used for manufacturing advanced blocks.

Other resources

  • Find a desert and pick up {sand}, be careful not cause a collapse on yourself.
  • Find a forest and carry a tree back to your base. Place a {leaf} on top of a {log} on top of {dirt} and connect the blocks together to let them grow.


  • Find some way to automate placing and removing ores from arc smelters.(HINT: use a {block detector} on machining mode)
  • Create an automatic tree farm.
  • Make a mining vehicle, key components being a {destroyer} and {pilot chair}.
  • Use {actuator}s, {mantler}s, wiring components, and anything else you find useful to automatically turn raw materials into the blocks you find yourself often crafting manually.
  • Automatically build small arrangements of blocks you find yourself using and store stacks of these structures in your backpack.
  • ???
  • Grey goo the infinite world.


Use <open console>(default: [tilde])

position - show current position in tile coordinates
pos - shorthand for position
ping - pong
say <string> - announce something to yourself
cheats - toggle cheats
noclip - toggle noclip
give <integer> <block> - if your hand is empty, you will receive <integer> <block>s
clear - clear inventory


This is an in development alpha version. Expect and report bugs. Discord: https://discord.gg/gbEkBNt

Do not expect your saved worlds to carry over to later versions, but you can try by copying your "saves" folder to the new version.

Encouraged feedback

  • Reproducible crashes and bugs
  • Obvious texture or spelling mistakes
  • Changes to crafting recipes, with a good argument
  • Changes to block behavior, with a good argument
  • Specific tweaks to visuals
  • Specific tweaks to player interactions
  • Changes to this README
  • Additional features that are in line with the rest of the game, ideally you should be an experienced player with this specific game and the rest of the automation genre. This is not a comprehensive list.
Updated 25 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withSFML
TagsAutomation, Crafting, Procedural Generation, Sandbox
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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trying to move container (with, for example 2 pieces of wood), whilst holding another container, "duplicates" the items from the second  container

Should be fixed in version 0.2.2 alpha.

Holding a block in your hands that can't be stored (like a large chunk of dirt), and then saving and exiting the game destroys the block.  Useful if you get stuck because you're a dummy, but still exploitable and a bug, I think.

Thanks for the report.

(hopefully) fixed in version 0.1.2 alpha.

It does seem to be fixed, indeed.  Now idiots like me can get stuck without a get out of jail free card.  Just a joke, but I would recommend maybe adding some way to automatically process dirt that you chunk out (but still make it so you have to mine ores and all that).  It is possible to destroy a save by getting stuck in a hole with a giant block and nowhere to set it down.  Example, here - I am not capable of placing down the block where I was, Jumping up and placing it above the world, and it's too big to fit into my backpack.  As far as I'm aware, I've softlocked myself.  Now, I'm not saying you have to fix it, but it is a possible problem you may not be aware of.  Anyways, keep up the good work with the game.

Seems the fact that the player needs an empty hand for a lot of navigation and the fact that the player sometimes gets things stuck in their hand has collided. I don't want a softlock to be this easy.

Part of the design philosophy is to have all crafting, building, etc. be done in the world, not in a menu or inventory.

Being able to destroy blocks (not just pick them up) is a somewhat exclusive ability, currently only possible with the destroyer. I am leaning towards a destruction option since its a punishment for getting in a poorly planned predicament.

Expect something in the next minor content update. For now, the <reduce> cheat should save your saves.

(1 edit)

Maybe make it so that the welder/unwelder can destroy those large blocks, but turns it off for a time (so you can't just exploit it to save time).  The bigger the block, the longer your welder gets disabled.  The only point in destroying blocks is to save time anyways, as far as I know, so if you make not using the destroyer a big time sink, it still makes being stupid a punishment without being exploitable.